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I thought it might be useful to have a section on our site that provides updates for those who might not follow our Facebook Page, or be a part of the Facebook Group. We will also be sending these Updates via our Newsletter (registered Members are automatically subscribed to upon registration, but can opt-out at any time).

For those who are Joining us for the first time this year – WELCOME! By way of introduction, The Big Christmas Swap is run exclusively by two people – Chantelle & Margaret, a christmas-obsessed mother-daughter team. This site, and the community built around it is a labour of love, started in 2019 and continuing each Summer and Winter, we’ve grown to hundreds of active Swappers each season, and continue to update the website and Swap process to the best our our ability (and learning as we go). We’re very proud of our extremely high success rates and our commitment to online and offline safety with regards to personal, private information.

Here are just a few photos from our lovely Members, and the cards they received in our 2021 Swaps:

From time to time we may also post some fun blog-style updates/info about Christmas Cards, history or other fun facts – and offer free Craft/Recipe or other ideas that will help inspire and grow our Christmas Community. I hope you enjoy being a part of our Community, and have a very Merry Christmas.

Brief Overview of our 2022 Swaps

NOTE: Each Swap has different eligibility based on your Membership Rank or Location, so be sure to read the descriptions before trying to Join.

Registration Dates
USA Only Swaps Registration Begins November 1st, 2022
Swaps that include International Shipping (eg. World-Only, USA & World, etc) Registration Began October 1st, 2022.
PREMIUM Swaps: Registration Begins November 1st 2022

2022 Card Swaps
Our Christmas Card Swaps are ALWAYS FREE we generally have 3 Card Swaps each year: USA Only, Worldwide (non-US) Only and World & USA Card Swaps. The Number of Cards/People you can choose to Swap with varies for each from Small (10-15 Cards/Addresses) to MEGA (50+ Addresses) so be sure to select your preference carefully.

2022 Ornament Swaps
Our Ornament Swaps are also ALWAYS FREE although a minimum Membership Rank does apply for most. They have the same Regional Options, USA Only, World-Only and World & USA. Most swaps are 1-1 Exchange, but some offer multiples.

Premium Swaps
The Premium Swaps were introduced at the request of our Members as a themed Gift Exchange – and the categories were chosen as they were the most popular ideas at the time, although we are always looking for new exciting options.
Unlike our Card & Ornament Swaps – these Swaps have a Registration Fee – which is 1 Premium Point. Points can be earned alongside some Ranks & Awards, and also purchased.

The registration fee enables us to ensure that participation within each swap is taken as a serious commitment – as often these are handmade, or bought items, and ensuring Members will put a worthwhile amount of effort into their Swap. Purposeful failure to complete a Premium Swap is a serious offence and could result in your entire Membership being revoked from The Big Christmas Swap.

The 2022 Premium Swaps include:

Book Swap
Share a favourite story by sending a Christmas themed book to your match.

Mugs. Coffee, Tea & Hot Chocolate
Who doesn’t love a good Christmas themed mug? As well as a warm beverage to fill it with.

Socks, Stockings & Slippers
Fondly referred to as the ‘COZY’ Swap – send & receive a warm accessory (scarves, hats and mittens also welcome).

Handmade Cards or Ornaments
In this Swap you’ll have a small group to send your very own handmade creations to, and be surprised by what items you get in return – could be anything festive, so long as it was lovingly handcrafted.

If you have any questions about The Big Christmas Swap – the best way to reach us is by Facebook Messenger, or you can send an email to help@bigchristmaswap.com

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