New for 2021 we have changed and updated our Membership Ranks (previously known as Membership Levels). Here is a quick overview of the requirements for each Rank, and any restrictions or benefits that come with each. We have also added Member Awards, see more details below!

Member Ranks

1st Time Swapper

1 Requirement

  • Join any Swap

Verified Swapper

1 Requirement

  • Successfully Complete a Swap

Super Swapper

2 Requirements

  • Complete 3 Regular Swaps
  • Earn a Member Award

VIP Swapper

2 Requirements

  • Complete 5 Regular Swaps
  • Earn 3 or more Member Awards

A Big Christmas Swap Membership is Free.
Ranks are earned by participation and cannot be purchased.
Our regular Card & Ornament Swaps will Always be Free.

All newly-registered Big Christmas Swap Members will start at the Rank of ‘New Member’. New Members may be limited on which Swaps they can join, or limits on the number of Cards requested. Once you’ve joined your first Swap, you’ll earn the Rank of ‘First Time Swapper’ until you successfully complete your First Swap, at which point you will be considered a Verified Swapper. All 2019 & 2020 Swappers will be automatically at the Verified Swapper level. There will be no restrictions on which Swaps you can join from this Rank onwards. Additional perks of the Super Swapper & VIP Swapper levels will be added later.

Premium Points

Our Premium Swaps require a Registration Fee of 1 Premium Point.
Points can be earned alongside certain Member Awards (outlined below) or by Purchasing them to participate in the Premium Swaps.

Member Awards

Starting from 2021, for every single Swap you complete you’ll get the Swap Participant Award for each and every swap. You can see what it looks like on each Swap’s page. There are also special Member Awards, which you can see below (more to be added soon)!

Swap Elf

Swap Elves are those who have kindly supported us on

Stamp Collector

Submit at least 10 people that you received from in our 2021 Christmas Card Swaps to earn this award.

Mailbox Maverick

Earn this Award when 10 Members log that they received a card from you you as part the Christmas 2021 Card Swaps.

Special Santa

For 2021 Premium Swap Participants – LOVE Your Gift? Nominate someone for this Award and they will
Earn 1 Premium Point
(Nominations Open in December)

Jolly Decorator

Earn this award when someone receives an Ornament from you, as part of our 2021 Ornament Swaps.

Stamp Collector (July 2021)

Add 10 Names to your July 2021 Swap Received Log to earn this Award.

Mailbox Maverick (July 2021)

Earn this Award if 10 Members add your name to their July 2021 Swap received log.

Favourite Swapper

Get nominated by 5 other Swappers as their ‘Favourite Swapper’, you’ll earn this Award and 1 Premium Point

2019 Swapper

Only for those who took part in the Original 2019 Christmas Card Swaps.

Referral Bonus

Tell Friends & Family about The Big Christmas Swap. Share your Special Referral Link.
If you refer 3 new Members, you’ll get this Award and
Earn 1 Premium Point