We are so happy that our Swappers return year after year for our Summer & Winter Swaps – we’ve built an amazing community on our site and on Facebook, and we want to celebrate and reward you!

Our Card and Ornament Swaps will Always be Free, and all Members will always have access to at least one Card Swap. However, there may be specific restrictions (like, location or group size), or additional Swaps only available to certain Ranks. This helps us build a community of trustworthy Swappers, who can be counted on to successfully participate within our Swaps.

Member Ranks

Before you successfully complete a Swap you’re a First Time Swapper. You may have restrictions on which Swaps you can join.

Once you’ve successfully completed your first Swap you’ll have a wider range of Card/Ornament & Gift Swap options available!

Super Swappers have completed 3 or more Swaps and have earned at least one Member Award.
They can participate in our Premium Gift Swaps.

Our most Loyal Swappers, keep returning year after year. As a VIP Swapper you can earn Premium Passes and more (stay tuned!)

A Big Christmas Swap Membership is Free.
Ranks are earned by participation and cannot be purchased.
Our regular Card & Ornament Swaps will Always be Free.
Our Premium Swaps can be joined using Premium Points, which can be earned or purchased.

Swap Badges & Member Awards

To reward and motivate our Members to participate and engage in our Swaps to the fullest, as of 2021 we have added Swap Badges & Member Awards. The Badges and Awards that you have earned can be found on your My Membership page.

Swap Badges

For each Swap you successfully complete, you’ll earn that Swap Badge. A few examples of previous years can be found below.

2021 International
Ornament Swap Badge

2021 Premium Book
Swap Badge

2021 USA-Only Card
Swap Badge

Member Awards

We are always looking for ways to reward and motivate our Members to participate fully across all Swaps – and have both Swap Season/Year specific and ongoing Membership Awards which can be earned.

A list of Awards currently available can be seen below:

2023 Awards
These awards are earned by participating in various 2023 Swaps, see the details for each for specifics.


Ongoing Awards
These awards can be earned at any time, regardless of Swap Participation

Swap Elf

We are grateful to those who understand the effort involved in running The Big Christmas Swap.

This Award is given to those who have kindly supported us on

Favourite Swapper

Get nominated by 5 or more Members to get this Award & Earn ⭐ 1 Premium Point

[gamipress_nomination id=”4734″]

Referral Bonus

Please SHARE The Big Christmas Swap.

If you refer 3 new Members, you’ll get this Award and
Earn ⭐ 1 Premium Point

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Examples of Previously Available Awards

2019 Swapper Award: Given in 2021 to all of those who participated in our first Swap in 2019.
2021 Stamp Collector Awards: Given to those who submitted more than 10 Names as ‘Received From’. (July/Winter)
2021 Mailbox Maverick Awards : Awarded if you were added by others 10+ times as ‘Received From’. (July/Winter)
2021 Jolly Decorator Award: Earned when an Ornament Swap recipient confirm they ‘Received From’ you. (Winter)
Special Santa 2021: Premium Swaps Only. Awarded by those who LOVED their gift(s), along with 1 Premium Point.