We have been running Card, Ornament and Gift Swaps since 2019 and we are delighted to say that every year we have more successful participants!

Our Swaps are easy to follow, user-friendly and best of all – ensure that you’ll likely receive as many cards as you send. Big Christmas Swap is a safe & easy way to enjoy spreading Christmas spirit – even in July! Before you can participate in any Swap you must read and agree that you understand our How Swaps Work details below.

How Swaps Work – Step by Step

Each Swap (Card, Ornament or Gift) will have STEPS that you must complete. You can see these steps on each Swap Page, or by visiting your Membership page, to see the Swaps you’re currently taking part in. In general though – they will follow this pattern:

Step 1) Register to Join

The details for each Swap will be available (participant restrictions, etc) and a Registration Form will be open during specific dates. Simply complete this form.

Step 2) Confirm Participation

Once Registration has closed you will be REQUIRED to Confirm your Participation for each Swap before the Confirmation Deadline. If you do not Confirm, you will be REMOVED from the Swap.

The Confirmation process is how we ensure that over 90% of our Swap Members end up receiving as many Swaps as they send out, as only Confirmed Members will be matched with others – and unconfirmed members do not have their addresses shared.

*New for 2021* Premium Swaps do not require Confirmation.
As there is a registration fee involved, we have lifted this requirement to make for a smoother overall Swap Experience for Premium Swaps.

Step 3) Send Swaps & Log Sent Date

For each Swap you will be given your Swap List on a specific date (usually about 3 days after the Confirmation Deadline). You can begin sending your Swaps to those Members on your list strait away – and once you do please update your Sent Date. This helps us keep track of who is participating – and this info is shared with your fellow Swap List Members, too!

Step 4) Update Received Log

Your Swap is not Considered Complete – and you will not be given your Swap Award until after you have Nominated at least three names to your Recieved Log.

There Member Awards to be earned by either logging 10 or more Members, or being Logged (by others) 10 or more times so keep adding those names!

If you have any further questions or concerns about the Swap Steps – please reach out to us on Facebook Messenger or by email on help@bigchristmasswap.com

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