We have been running Card, Ornament and Gift Swaps since 2019 and we are delighted to say that every year we have more participants and a higher rate of success. Our Swaps have very specific but easy-to-follow instructions for participants to follow. This is how we ensure that only those most likely to fully participate will ever be given Member Information, so Big Christmas Swap stays a safe & easy way to enjoy spreading Christmas spirit.

We ask that all Members read/review the How Swaps Work guidelines before joining their first Swaps of the year,
Even if you’ve participated before – as we often update our Steps based on Member feedback.

Please read/review the Step by Step guide, and Confirm that you “Read and Understood” each Step.

How Swaps Work – STEP BY STEP
These are the Basic Steps for each Swap (some Swaps have minor variations and will be noted on their Swap Page).

Step 1 – Registration

Read the Swap Details on the Swap Page. It will have all the information you need about important dates, group sizes and regions included. Our Card and Ornament Swaps are Always Free to Join. Swaps may be limited to certain members based on where they’re located or Member Rank.

Join the Swap by completing the Form during the Registration period, which is noted on each Swap Page. Once you have completed your form, any Swaps you have Joined will appear on your ‘My Membership‘ page, along with your progress within that Swap.

You will receive an email confirming that you have successfully Joined the Swap – check your spam/junk folders and if needed, please add us to your safe list/approved contacts.

Step 2 – Confirm Participation

As a method of security and to ensure active participation within our Swaps, each member must Confirm their participation within each Swap. This is done AFTER the Registrations have Ended.

Please Ensure you you note the Confirmation Start & Deadline dates for each Swap you Join – the window is not the same for all Swaps.

During this Step we also ask that you review the mailing address you have on your account and Confirm that it is up to date.

The Confirmation Step is how we ensure that over 90% of our Swap Members always receive as many Swaps as they send out, as only Confirmed Members will be matched unconfirmed Members are removed from the Swap. (Read Also: Swap Penalties)

Step 3 – Swap List & Sent Date

Your Swap Address List will be available from a specific date noted on each Swap. Please send your Swap Item (card/ornament, etc) to all of the Members listed on your Swap List by the ‘Sent Date/Deadline’.

*NOTE* It is not always the case that you’ll be receiving from the same people you’re sending to – see each Swap’s matching policy for clarification if needed. If you are matched in a Group, and will be receiving from the same Members you’re sending to – you’ll be able to see those Member’s ‘Sent Date’ on your Swap List.

Only add your ‘SENT DATE’ once you have mailed to Everybody on your Swap List.
Although we do have a ‘Send By’ date listed in each Swap, you can add your Sent Date at any time before the Swap Ends (as we always say – better Late than Never!)

What Happens if I do not add a Sent Date? Read about Swap Penalties.

Step 4 – Update ‘Received’ Log

The Final Step to successfully completing your Swap is to always remember to add the name of each person you’ve Received From to your ‘Received Log’ within each Swap. Even if you are participating in multiple Swaps – you will only be able to log the names of the people who were matched with you in each individual Swap.

This Step is considered Complete once you’ve logged 80% or more of your Swap Matches names – you will be able to view the percent progress in this section on each Swap Page.

This is one of the most important ways we build an amazing community of trustworthy Swappers – and one of the best ways for us to find, and filter out ‘non-participant’ Members. So please continue to add names if possible, even after this Step/Swap is complete until you reach 100%.

What happens if I do not receive my Swap? Read about Swap Penalties.

A Note About Penalties for Incomplete Swaps

We have created the Swaps to be simple to complete – providing that you do actually read and understand the instructions provided. While there will always be an inherent level of risk when sharing your personal details with others, we have built in a certain complexity to test the level of commitment from everyone who wishes to participate, as we aim to have only those who are trustworthy, reliable and have the ability and intention to successfully complete each Swap as outlined above.

On that note – here are some examples of penalties/actions we will take should there be any part of the Swap that users do not complete. (These actions may be taken with or without notification to the Member.)

If a Member completes the Registration Form, but does not Confirm Participation during the allocated time period: That Member will be removed from the Swap entirely – none of their information will be shared with others, nor will they recieve any other Member’s details. If they are of a rank higher than ‘First-Time Swapper’ they will be demoted back to ‘First Time Swapper’.

If a Member completes Step #2 and is Matched – however, they do not add ‘Sent Date’:
If the Member appears on their Matched Member’s ‘received from’ logs – we will send a notification advising they missed a crucial Step. If the Member was of a higher Rank than ‘First-Time Swapper’ and it was within a Swap that required that Rank to participate – they may be demoted to ‘First-Time Swapper’ and must re-earn their higher rank being able to Join a similar swap again in the future.

If it seem likely that a Matched Member intentionally did not mail their Swaps: That account will be suspended and that user will be banned from ever participating in Big Christmas Swap. Examples: If any Member when matched in a Group (regardless if a Sent Date has been added or not) does not appear on the Majority of their Group Member’s ‘received from’ logs. Or if a Member is matched in an Ornament Swap and did not add a Sent Date *and/or* their intended recipient did not receive an item from them.

We do have the ability to check login records for dates/times. If anybody is found having not logged in *after* confirmation form is submitted – those users will also be deactivated/banned unless they’ve contacted us directly to advise on reasons they need to withdrawal from the Swap.

If you have any further questions or concerns about the Swap Steps – please reach out to us on Facebook Messenger or by email on help@bigchristmasswap.com