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Everybody likes getting mail! Especially at Christmas – or in this case – Christmas in July! Join this Card Swap to send & receive cards from other Members, worldwide! Follow the steps below and you’ll receive a list to send Cards to – and you’ll receive a Card from each Member on that list too! Handmade, Store-bought, Christmas or any other Greeting Card type is allowed!

Our Card Swaps are always Free.
This Swap is open to all Verified USA Members, and ALL International Members. However there are limits on the number of cards New Members can request to send & receive.(Read more about Member Ranks & Awards). In order to receive your July 2021 Swap Award you will need to complete the Swap Steps as outlined below, please ensure you’re familiar with the specific dates.

PLEASE NOTEIn order to ensure that members in this Swap receive a variety of international addresses we will be capping the number of USA Participants to 50% within each Swap List. If we receive more USA Registrations than International ones, and you’re in the USA, you may be matched within a USA-Only Group.


Step 1) Registration Form
Begins: May 15th. Deadline: May 25th.
Open to Verified Swappers in the USA and All Worldwide Members. Limit on Send/Receive request for ‘New Members’.
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Step 2) Confirm Participation
Begins: May 26th. Deadline: May 31st.
Registered Members must Confirm participation or will be removed from the Swap.
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Step 3) Your Swap List & Send Cards
Swap List Available from: June 3rd. Deadline to Send: June 15th
Please add your ‘Sent Date’ below, this will be shown to your Swap Members.
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Your Swap List

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Step 4) Update your Received Log
Once you begin to receive cards, please add those Members to your Received Log. You will earn your Swap Award only if you add 3 or more Swappers