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After a bit of a bumpy start with our World-Only, World-USA and Recipe Card & Ornaments lists being published yesterday (as always, we very much appreciate the patience that our Swappers show when we have site errors. Please remember – this isn’t our job, and we’re learning as we go. Luckily, it was an easy fix) we’re officially kicked off the 2022 Season for The Big Christmas Swap.

First and Foremost: If you’re located in the USA you still have time to join our USA-Only Card and Ornament Swaps!
The deadline to Join those Swaps is Tuesday November 15th. Other Upcoming Important Dates/Deadlines are as follows:

Swap TitleRegstration EndsConfirmation Start/EndSwap Lists AvailablePlease Send By
World-Only, World-USA
& Worldwide Recipes
October 31stNov 1-10thNovember 13thNovember 25th
All USA-OnlyNovember 15thNov 16th-25thNovember 27thDecember 10th
Premium SwapsOctober 31stNot ApplicableNovember 15thNovember 30th

Another thing I want to update our Members on is the update we’ve made for Ranks/Awards for 2022. To start – we’ve removed the lowest Rank ‘New Member‘ – when you create your Member Account on the site you’ll automatically be considered a ‘First Time Swapper‘ – until you complete your first Swap – when you’ll automatically get moved up to ‘Verified Swapper‘. We had been having several technical issues with there being two lower ranks, and this will simply solve that problem once and for all. Our Swap Awards for 2022 have been added – and I’m happy to give a quick overview below.

Just a Quick Reminder that these Awards are separate from the Swap Badge that you will earn when you successfully complete all of the Steps of the Swap you’ve joined. Awards are designed to reward those who put in just a bit more effort to help us run the Swap as successfully as possible.

The Stamp Collector award is given when you submit more than 10 names to your ‘Received Log’ across any/all Card Swaps.

We encourage everyone to add ALL the names of those you receive a Card from, not just the minimum requirement, so we can help keep track of successful participants.

When 10 or more Members have logged you as someone they’ve ‘Received From’ across any Card Swaps, you earn this Award.

Since adding ‘Received From’ names is a Mandatory Step for all Swaps, all you need to do is make sure you send your cards, and you’re likely to get this Award.

The Jolly Decorator Award is for our Ornament Swaps. To complete each Swap, participants must submit the name of the person they have Received From. When someone adds your name (once, on any of the Ornament Swaps) you earn this Award. This makes for excellent tracking on 1-to-1 Swaps as there’s accountability on both ends.

The Special Santa Award is exclusive to our Premium Swaps, and only for those who participate in more than one (or in the Handmade Card/Ornament Craft Swap) as you earn it by being added more than once to any Received From List across all of the Premium Swaps.

Please continue to keep in mind that you will not/can not earn Premium Points through Swap Badges or these Awards. Those are reserved for extremely special Awards, for certain levels of supporters of The Big Christmas Swap on Ko-Fi, or simply by purchasing them.

If you have any questions about the Swaps, these Awards, Member Ranks or anything else you can send us a message on Facebook or by email help@bigchristmasswap.com

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