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Thank you so much for considering helping to Support the Big Christmas Swap! It takes us many hours a week to set up, maintain, promote and support our Swaps. Our website, programming, and hosting fees grow larger the bigger we get.

We want to keep The Big Christmas Card Swaps Free for everyone to enjoy.

We do not Charge Membership Fees, but we do offer some in-Swap perks to those who donate more than $25 (USD). The actual total is entirely up to you, here’s an outline of the Perks.

Big Christmas Swap 2020 Supporter Perks

All Premium Swaps Free

Supporter-Matching within Swaps
(based on Availability)

First-Access to Join Some Swaps
(handy for Swaps with Participant Limits!)

Extra In-Swap Status & Details
Your Matched Members ‘Last Login’ Date
See if your Matches ‘Received From You’
Tally of all Swaps Sent & Received
Overall Swap Success Details
… and more

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This is a one-time payment, not annual fee. Once you submit the form below you will be redirected to complete your purchase through PayPal. You can pay by Bank Account, Credit Card or PayPal Balance.

This purchase entitles you to 2020 Big Christmas Swap Supporter Perks, outlined above until January 05th, 2021. The Incomplete Swap Policy still applies and if penalised under the policy there will be no refunds of your donation if your account is deactivated.