The all-new Big Christmas Swap was built specifically to track the progress of every participant through each Swap. Our goal is 100% Success with every Swap.

We understand you may need to Leave a Swap after Joining.  You may do so Before the Swap Matched Date with no penalty. More information is available on your Swap Confirmation Email and on each Swap Page.

Incomplete Swap Examples

Swap Participants must keep their Swap Status Updated during the Swap

If you fail to update your Status to Confirmed before the Confirmation Deadline of any Swap you will be immediately removed from that Swap.  Your account will be flagged as Unconfirmed. If this happens more than once, this is considered an Incomplete Swap.

If you do not add a Sent All Date before the Swap End Date, even if your  Matched Members Log that they Received  from you. For 1-1 and Premium Swaps, shipping proof may be required also.

If you do not update your Received Log – you must complete and finalise your Log on/after the Swap End Date.

If you are reported by your Matched Member(s) as ‘Did Not Receive From‘ on their Finalised Received Log.

Note: All First-Time Swappers must Successfully Complete a Swap to lift the Swap limits.

Incomplete Swap Penalties

First-Time Swappers: If you fail to Successfully Complete your First Swap, your Login will be deactivated, and you will not be allowed to participate in any further Big Christmas Swaps. 

All Others: Your Account will be flagged with an Incomplete Swap. You will be restricted to the same Limited Swap Ptions as First-Time Swappers, until you Successfully Complete another Swap. If you are flagged with another Incomplete Swap within 12 months, your Login will be deactivated and you will not be allowed to participate in any further Big Christmas Swaps. 

Incomplete Swap Notifications

If your account has incurred an Incomplete Swap you will receive an Email Notification. If your account has been deactivated you will receive an alert when you attempt to Login.

More Questions? Our FAQs about Swap Participation