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  • Are Swaps Free?

    We started The Big Christmas Swap with the Goal of connecting people to be able to easily participate in a Fun, Safe and Free Christmas Card Swap – and our commitment to that is unchanged.

    All of our Card Swaps will Always Be Free to Participate in.

    Please keep in mind that Costs for postage/cards/items you send will be out-of-pocket for all Swaps

    Based on the feedback from our 2019 Card Swaps we decided to add a First-Time Swapper Policy to all of our 2020 Swaps, as a part of our overall Commitment to Swap Success.

    Also in 2019 we offered an Ornament Exchange, which required a small Registration Fee, but offered no participant tracking. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive despite the success rates being much lower than expected. This year, all Previous Swappers will have access to a Free Ornament Swap (depending on Location). Some Ornament Swaps will still have a small $2.99 Registration Fee.

    New for 2020, with the Success of our 2019 Ornament Swaps, we now also offer Premium Swaps. These Gift-Exchanges and Secret Santas, are only open to Previous Swap Members for a fee, or to 2020 Premium Pass holders.

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  • What is a Premium Swap?

    With the Success of our Ornament Swap in 2019, our most requested feature for 2020 was more Gift-Exchanges or Secret Santas – so we have launched Premium Swaps.

    Due to the extra effort and accountability required, similar to our 2019 Ornament Swap, we are asking for a small $3.99 Registration fee. These Swaps are only available to Previous Swappers (if you’ve participated in our 2019 or 2020 Christmas in July Swaps) or for those who wish to purchase a 2020 Premium Pass, which provides unlimited enrolment in any/all 2020 Premium Swaps.

    The Premium Pass will not grant access to Card or Ornament Swaps for which there are limitations based on Membership Status or Location.

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  • What are the Penalties for Not Sending?

    This is by far one of the most important questions we get. While our goal is to have 100% Success Rate for sending and receiving for every single Member, this doesn’t always happen and there needs to be consequences for purposefully abandoning or neglecting your Swap.

    We call this an Incomplete Swap

    (We understand that sometimes you need to Leave a Swap after you Join it – you can do so on the Swap Page anytime before the Matched Date with no penalties.)

    Examples of Incomplete Swaps

    As part of our Commitment to Swap Success, we require all participants to update their Swap Status several times during the Swap, here are a few examples of not completing or abandoning your Swap:

    If you do not Update your Swap Status to Confirmed on/before the Confirmation Deadline you will be immediately removed from that Swap.  Your account will be flagged as Unconfirmed. If this happens more than once, this is considered an Incomplete Swap.

    If you do not update your Sent Status with a Sent All Date before the Swap End Date, even if your Matched Members Log as Received from you, this is an Incomplete Swap.

    If you do not update your Received Log – you must complete and finalise your Log on/after the Swap End Date.

    If you are reported by several of your Matched Member(s) as Did Not Receive From on their Finalised Received Log.

    Incomplete Swap Penalties

    First-Time Swappers: If you fail to Successfully Complete your First Swap, your Login will be deactivated, and you will not be allowed to participate in any further Big Christmas Swaps. 

    All Others: Your Account will be flagged with an Incomplete Swap. You will be restricted to the same Limited Swap Options as First-Time Swappers, until you Successfully Complete another Swap. If you are flagged with another Incomplete Swap within 12 months, your Login will be deactivated and you will not be allowed to participate in any further Big Christmas Swaps. 

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  • How do I Join a Swap?

    All of our Swaps are listed on the Swaps Page

    Click Here to See All of Our Swaps

    On each individual Swap Page you’ll find all the Important Dates and Details for that Swap. Once you’ve found a Swap you’d like to Join, simply click the JOIN Button and Complete the Registration form. You’ll receive a Confirmation Email, and the Swap will appear in the My Swaps Section of your My Details page.

    In order to Join any Big Christmas Swaps you’ll need to Login

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  • How do I Leave a Swap?

    If you need to leave a Swap you have previously Joined – you must do so before the Matched Date!

    If you fail to Confirm your enrolment after you have been matched, you will be removed from the Swap – however this will be marked as an Incomplete Swap.

    Please Contact us by Email, or by Facebook Messenger to Leave any Swaps.

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  • How many Swaps can I Join?

    While you may not have access to all Swaps as a First-Time Swapper, there is no limit to the number of Swaps each Member can Join.

    Please keep in mind that you will be responsible to Successfully Complete every swap you Join or risk getting penalised for an Incomplete Swap

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  • How do I get Swap Notifications & Updates

    When Join any Swap you will receive a Confirmation Email that includes all of the Important Date Information from the Swap Page. However due to the unreliability of Email, we do not send deadline reminders. We do post Swap Reminders on our Facebook Page, and send Messenger Updates to those who have subscribed to them. If you would like to receive Swap Reminders and Alerts, please subscribe to our Facebook Messenger Updates.

  • I Joined in 2019, Do I have to Join Again?

    Please do not send Cards/Ornaments to your 2019 List. We request that Members sign up for our new 2020 Swaps.

    We do not assume that previous year participants want to participate again, or if they’ve moved, or any other circumstances have changed. If you Participated in 2019 and would like to Participate again – please first Create a Website Login (these are all-new for 2020), and then Join our Swaps.

    As a Previous Swapper you have additional perks within the Card Swaps – and access to a Free Ornament Swap!

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  • What are Member Badges, and how do I get them?

    We are very excited to introduce, for 2020, our Membership Badges – awards for our Members. Depending on certain criteria, you may see one or more Membership Badges within the your My Membership Details section of the site. We have introduced this to encourage different types of Big Christmas Swap participation. These awards are only viewable to you, not other Members. A complete list of all Membership Badges currently available, and the criteria for getting them:

    Awarded to Members who Successfully Completed the 2019 Swap, and had no incomplete swap reports against them.
    Awarded to Members who are located Outside of the USA, gains free access to some Worldwide Swaps (more info).
    Given to Successful Swappers in our 2020 Christmas in July Swaps.
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    For those who have purchased our 2020 Premium Pass and have access to Unlimited Premium Swaps

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