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The Swaps Enrolment is now Closed.

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Deadline to Sign-Up for the The Big Christmas Swap was November 1st 2019.

Card Swap Questions (Skip to Ornament Swap Questions)


All Big Christmas Card Swap Matches have been Completed.
You can check on the status of your Card Swap enrolment by searching for your email address on the Swap List Page

About Non-Verified Emails (Card Swap Only)

There were over 500 emails that enrolled but did not verify their email address.
When you search your email address on the Card Swap List page, if you did not successfully verify your email address in time, you will be given more information about why.

Can’t Access my Group Swap Page with my Email Address
To Enter the Group List Page, please use your full email address, please type carefully.
If need be, please copy/paste your email address from a document where you know it’s typed correct.

Email Address Wasn’t Found 
If you search the Card Swap List page and it states your email address wasn’t found, it’s likely you never completed our Card Swap Enrolment form. Or, you may have mistyped your email address on your form, and therefore we could not match you.

May I have my list in a different format?
Most lists were sent in PDF format, as they are the easiest to read. If you wish to convert it to a file so you may create labels, consider using an Online File Converter.

I signed up for International Card Swap and got mostly USA address(es):
Due to the overwhelming number of USA participants, even if you signed in up for ‘worldwide’ addresses, you will have received USA addresses on your list in addition to other international addresses. We provided as many non-USA addresses to each list as possible, given the lacking number of worldwide enrolments compared to USA enrolments.

I missed the Deadline, can I sign up for next year?
You can sign up for our Newsletter to get an alert for when 2020 sign-ups begin.

Ornament Swap Questions

All Big Ornament Exchange Matches have been Completed.

You should have received an email from ‘’ with your Ornament Swap List.  Please search your Spam/Junk and add that address to your SAFE/WHITELIST

You can check on the status of your Ornament Swap by searching for your email address on the
Swap List Page

I didn’t get my Ornament Exchange email!

Please search for your email address on our Swap List Page, it will let you know if you were successfully enrolled and matched. If you were matched, you will be given the option to submit a Ornament Exchange Request form.

I was given the Wrong Number of Addresses!
Reminder: The Ornament Swap was for 1, 2 or 3 Ornaments. You were went a Group Swap List, this included your name, as everyone on this list was send the same list. Everybody on the list sends to each other.

Example: You signed up for 1 Ornament, you will get a list with 2 addresses (one other person, and yourself). You signed up for 2 Ornaments, your  list will have 3 addresses total (including you). If you signed up for 3 Ornaments you will receive a list of 4 addresses (including you).

I did not get matched with my Wishlist Country /
I signed up for International Ornaments and got USA Addresses

We over 75% of sign-ups were from within the USA requesting International addresses. We did our best to match everyone with their Wishlist country, and then with any non-USA address, however many (if not most) people will end up getting USA addresses to send to/from.

We worked very hard at matching every single person by hand to make sure at the very least, you got from a different state. Next year we may need to change things to encourage more international sign ups. I promise we will do our best to come up with a solution for 2020.

What if I don’t get my Ornaments?

We will be sending reminders to everyone, and updating the group for the next few weeks. We will be following up with each and every member in the new year to check up on the success rate of the swap. If we can confirm that someone did not send any ornaments, they will not be allowed to participate in future swaps.

I did not receive my Ornament Swap List.

Please first check your Spam/Junk folders for an email from
If there’s nothing there, proceed please add that email address to your Safe/Whitelist, and  contact us at the form below. Please be sure to include your PAYPAL Transaction ID.

I missed the Deadline, can I sign up for next year?
You can sign up for our Newsletter to get an alert for when 2020 sign-ups begin.

General Swap Questions

How do I know that my Information is Safe?

We will do everything within our power to ensure that real Christmas Fans are signing up for the Big Christmas Swap. We  require double opt-in email verification for the Christmas Card swap which enables us to weed out spammers and bots. When enrolling, we ensure that each participant understands the sensitive nature of the information that they will be receiving and respects it accordingly.

The Christmas Ornament Exchange requires a sign-up fee and email verification, which ensures the legitimacy and intend of those enrolling – and hopefully will prevent anyone from not sending an ornament after they’ve enrolled. You will be reminded of your obligation via email.

We will be processing and sending information in small-batch groups to keep our members accountable and will track exactly who receives each participant’s information.

That being said, there is still risk when sharing personal information online. While we will take every precaution possible to keep the number of people with access to your information limited, by authorising us to sharing your information with others, you risk this information being shared with the wider public, and risks associated with that. We cannot be held responsible for any wrong doing or misuse of your personal information.

Do you sell Christmas Cards / Ornaments?

We offer a hand-picked selection of the best Christmas Cards, Ornaments and Gifts from around the web on our shop page located at

Can I send Handmade Cards or Ornaments?
Some people are very talented! Handmade and personalised cards are even more thoughtful than store-bought ones, so we are happy to let you know that you can hand-make your cards for the swap. If you would like to hand make ornaments for the Big Ornament Swap please make sure they of a high enough quality that could be sold in a shop – and it’ something you’d be impressed to receive from someone else.

How much is Postage to [ANY COUNTRY]?
You’ll have to check the postal rates from your post office. Keep in mind that sending internationally can get expensive if you’re sending more than 10 cards. Please update us ASAP if you want to change the number of cards you’re sending, or switch to Local only.

Still have More Questions?

Before sending us an email, always check your SPAM/JUNK folder for previous messages from and mark it Not Junk/Safe/Whitelist

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