In 2019 we launched The Big Christmas Card Swaps, and therefore all participants were First-Time Swappers. We did not include any Swap Tracking of participation of any kind, and only offered Post-Swap surveys as a method of measuring Success. Based on the Survey Feedback we realised we needed more control over who joins our Swaps, and better Swap Tracking, to boost our Swap Success rates.

So,  as part of our commitment to Boosting Success for 2020, we now limit some Swap Options for First-Time Swappers. But Why?

Card Swap Statistics for 2019

In 2019 card Swappers could request 10, 25 or 50 Addresses to Send to and Receive from. By far, the most requested was 10 Cards. On our Follow-up Surveys, we asked two main questions to determine Swap Success. How many cards did they Receive, and if they were Satisfied with that number.

For the Card Swaps, the highest rate of Cards Received was among the 10-Card Swappers. 80% of them receiving 6-10 Cards. However, only 73% of Swappers were happy with the number of Cards they received.

For the 25-Card Swappers, 70% of participants received half or more of the Cards they expected. Only 40% received somewhere between 21-25. However, they reported a higher rate of Satisfaction with the number they received than the 10 Card Swappers, at 75%!!!

Finally – for our 50 Card Swappers, only 20% of them received between 41-50 Cards – with 66% only getting half or higher. AND YET – they still reported a similar satisfaction rates of 70%

So what does this data mean? It means that participants are more likely to mail their cards when signing up for fewer cards, and the more cards you request, the fewer of the total you expect to receive.

So the second question we have to ask is. What is our Goal?
Should we expect a certain amount of Swappers to simply not fulfil their Swap? No.

Our Goal
The Big Christmas Swap will endeavour for 100% Success Rate

This means that we want 100% of Swappers to receive 100% Swaps

The only way to do this is to have 100% of participants Send All of their Swaps.

So, how do we motivate our New Participants to Successfully Complete each Swap, and how do we reward them for doing so?

First Time Swappers are restricted in the number of Cards they can request (as the statistics show that fewer cards = more likelihood success) and limit access to some Swaps until they Successfully Complete a Swap to ensure that the participants of Most of our Swaps are experienced with our Swap Process, and enthusiastically committed to Sending to 100% of their Swap Members.

This is only part of our Commitment to Swap Success – we’ve also introduced Participant Tracking through Swaps (see How Swaps Work) as well the Incomplete Swap Policies and Penalties.

If you have any further Questions, please feel free to read our FAQs for Answers.