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The USA-Only Christmas in July Card Swap is Open to all Members located within the USA – even New Members! We will be matching as many different states as possible within each group, so hopefully you’ll get to send and receive cards to and from all over the country!

For our Christmas in July Card Swaps we are only offering one Group Size – which will be approximately 15-20 people per list. You are welcome to send a Christmas Card, ANY Holiday card, or Greeting. You can write a personal message or just sign it, whatever you feel comfortable with!

Join our Facebook Group to share pictures of the cards you’ve received and chat with other Big Christmas Swappers.

Step 1) Registration Form
Registration Opens: May 15, 2022, Deadline: May 31, 2022
[show-join]You can find the specific details of this Swap and Registration dates/deadlines above.

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Step 2) Confirm Participation
Confirmation Start: June 1, 2022 Deadline: June 5, 2022

Please review the Confirmation Start/Deadline dates above. Members who do not Confirm Participation will be removed from the Swap.


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Step 3) Your Swap List & Sent Date
Swap Group List Available From: June 10, 2022
Send to All List Members by: June 15, 2022

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If there appear to be errors with any names/addresses on this list please send a us a Facebook Message, or Email and we will follow up accordingly.

Step 4) Submit names of Received From’
In order to complete this Swap and earn your Swap Badge, you will need to submit a minimum of 5 names.

To be able to track our Swap Success rates, and to properly reward those who send all of their Swaps, we ask that you submit the names of all of those that you Receive From

To add a name as ‘Received From’
1) Start by clicking ‘Submit Name’ Button
2) Start typing the name, and select it from the list.
3) Click ‘Submit Name’ again to add the name.
Repeat as needed.

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You will see a notification that you’ve successfully ‘Nominated’ that person, or a notice if you’ve previously done so already. Please add all of the names of everyone you Receive From. Additional Membership Awards can be earned by doing so:

Summer Stamp Collector Award

Submit 10 or more names to earn the Summer Stamp Collector award, in addition to your Swap Badge!
Your Progress to this Award:

Please feel free to add more than 10 names, even if you’ve earned the Award, as this helps track Swap Success, and help other members earn Awards as well.

Summer Mailbox Maverick Award

Earn this Award when 10 or more People submit your name as ‘Received From’.
Your Progress to this Award:

BONUS: Everybody who earns BOTH the Summer Stamp Collector and Mailbox Maverick awards will automatically receive 1 ⭐ Premium Point, which can be used to enroll in a 2022 winter Premium Swap!