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4 Required Steps

  1. Join the Swap (May 15th – 25th)
  2. Confirm Participation (May 26th – 31st)
  3. Send Cards, add Sent Date (June 3rd – 15th)
  4. Update Received Log (at least 3 Members)

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Everybody likes getting mail! Especially at Christmas – or in this case – Christmas in July! Join this Card Swap to send & receive cards from other Members all across the USA. Follow the steps below and you’ll receive a list to send Cards to – and you’ll receive a Card from each Member on that list too! Handmade, Store-bought, Christmas or any other Greeting Card type is allowed!

Swap Rules/Restrictions.
Our Card Swaps are always Free.
This Swap is open to everyone within the USA, even New Members. However they will be limited on the number cards/addresses they can request. (Read more about Member Ranks & Awards). In order to receive your July 2021 Swap Award you will need to complete the Swap Steps as outlined below, please ensure you’re familiar with the specific dates.