Premium Swaps are one of the most exciting new features of the Big Christmas Swap 2020.

After better Accountability our next most requested feature was to add MORE SWAPS, however being able to offer high-quality swaps while also having a High Success Rate meant having to restrict these Swaps, so they are not available to First-Time Swappers.

What’s a Premium Swap?

When there is more effort, money or value to the Swaps than simply cards or letters. This can include both items that are purchased and handmade. The last thing we want is our Members to worry they won’t receive a Swap, especially when they’ve put even more time and effort into sending their Swap

Premium Swaps = Guaranteed
Anyone who has not received their expected item(s) within the Premium Swaps
(or, if their Matched Member(s) do not log SENT) will be assigned a Member Re-Swapper.
So, everyone receives a Swap in a Premium Swap no matter what.

A few examples of possible Premium Swaps for 2020 include:

Summer Cookie Swap, Handmade Ornament Swap, Crochet/Knitting Swap
Christmas Book Swap, Sock Swap, Secret Santa Gift Exchange
Have an Idea for a Premium Swap? Add your Suggestions to our Facebook Poll!

As with our 2019 Ornament Swap, all Premium Swaps will have a small Registration Fee. Part of the reason for this is is to simply confirm the intention of the Member to fully participate in the Swap, but it’s also used to confirm your identity (via Paypal Checkout) and as a traceable method of human verification. We also usually require some sort of Proof of Shipping,  within Premium Swaps to be added to your Swap Sent Form.

Still have Questions? Visit our FAQs for Answers