This is our full list of Big Christmas Swaps and Secret Santas for 2020!

Depending on your location or Member Status you may not be eligible to participate in some of the Swaps, please read the full details on each Swap Page to learn more about the eligibility requirements and responsibilities for each Swap or Secret Santa! Don’t forget to read How Swaps Work before you Join!

USA-Only Card Swap

Free Swap for all USA Members

Our most popular Swap! Send and receive up to 50 cards from all over the United States, perfect for First-Time Swappers! If you’re not in the USA Join the Worldwide Swap!
Registration Ends: November 18th

Worldwide Card Swap

updated for 2020!

Exchange Cards with others from around the World! New USA Address Group Limits for 2020. Free for all Non-USA Members and all Previous Swappers.
Registration Ends: November 5th

Please note the Swap Closing Date for each of the Swaps – You must Enrol before this Date!

USA-Only Ornament Swap

Free for USA Previous Swappers

We had hundreds of participants in our 2019 Ornament Swap, and we’ve brought it back; Free for USA Previous Swappers, a small fee for First-Time Swappers.
Registration Ends: November 15th

World-Only Ornament Swap

brand new for 2020!

We are excited to offer a Brand-New Ornament Swap for our Non-USA Members this year! An alternative to our Free USA-World Swap, with a small fee and Guaranteed non-USA Match!
Registration Ends: November 1st

USA-World Ornament Swap

FREE for All NON-USA MEmbers!

We have revamped the Ornament Exchange to guarantee an International match for our USA Previous Swappers, for a fee. Free for all Non-USA Members!

Registration Ends: November 1st

Christmas Book Swap

A Free..Premium Swap

We are happy to introduce the 2020 Book Swap. You’ll be matched 1-1 to exchange a New or Pre-Loved copy of your favourite Christmas Story. Open Worldwide: Free for Previous Swappers. Registration Fee for First-Time Swappers.
Registration Ends: November 1st

New for 2020 Premium Swaps!

Based on the success of our Ornament Swaps last year, we’ve added Gift Exchanges and Secret Santas!
Due to the extra effort and accountability needed to complete these Swaps there’s a small sign-up fee.

Join Unlimited Premium Swaps with the 2020 Premium Pass.

Handmade Paper
Cards & Ornaments

Worldwide Premium Swap

In this Swap you can Send and Receive 5 Lovingly Handmade Cards (or if you prefer, Ornaments) this Holiday Season.
Registration Ends: November 1st

Socks, Scarves & MOre

Premium Secret Santa

What’s better than getting a nice, warm pair of Socks for Christmas? Handmade Knitted Scarves or Crochet Slippers sound good too!
Registration Ends: November 1st

Coffee, Tea & Mugs

Premium Secret Santa

Share your favourite Brew, and a new Mug with someone this Christmas. This Secret Santa is sure to warm your heart!
Registration Ends: November 1st

Cat, Dog & Pet Gifts

Premium Secret Santa

We didn’t want to leave our Furry Best Friends out. Sign Up for this Secret Santa to Send and Receive gifts for Pets (any Pets!)
Registration Ends: November 1st