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Only Open to non-USA Members.
Guaranteed International Match.

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Swap Closes Nov 1st
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Matched Nov 6th
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Confirm By Nov 13th
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Big Christmas World Only Ornament Swap!
Brand New for 2020 – Best for International Members

This year we are introducing an exclusive Ornament Swap for just non-USA Members. Open to both Previous Swappers and First-Time Members – this exchange will guarantee a non-USA Ornament Match for all of our Worldwide Members!

More Info about the World-Only Ornament Swap
– 1-1 Matching – get an Ornament from the Country you’re sending one to!
– Only Open to Members located outside the USA.
– Request a Specific Country – we’ll do our best to Match you with them.

Discretionary Budget: Your gift should be worth at least $10 USD (not including your Shipping Fees).
Handmade/Homemade: Allowed but please ensure it’s a high-quality item, (personalized is always nice).
Additional Notes: Please make sure the Ornament you send represents your Country or City.

If you would like to Swap more than 1 Ornament, Please Join the USA-World Ornament Swap
It’s Free for Non-USA Members


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